Faster & Safer Releases through Product Experimentation

Engineering teams are adopting processes to enable them to deliver better products faster such as continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment.

Continuous development takes things further by giving product teams more autonomy and freedom to test out ideas and new features in production by choosing who they want to test on.

In other words, it enables progressive rollout techniques, which has given rise to a culture of experimentation where teams can build better products based on real-user feedback guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

This guide will walk you through:

  • How continuous development has turned product managers into experimenters and has given them more control over the release process.
  • Whether you need to be implementing a culture of experimentation with the help of a checklist and if so, how to build an experimentation roadmap to run successful product experiments
  • Testing in production- why it’s important and the many ways you can deploy your features safely and efficiently.
  • The importance of feature flags in your release strategy to mitigate risk and whether you should build or buy a feature flag solution.
Faster & safer releases [ebook]
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