Feature Flags

All our articles about Features Flags and Feature Toggles, to release quickly and safely.

Feature Toggles: An Overview & Our Best Practices

Best practices around Feature Toggles and how to implement them properly to support continuous delivery.

Why You Should Slot Feature Flags into Your Agile Roadmap

One “beacon” that will keep your Agile product roadmap grounded, and your products moving in the right direction, is a simple function — the Feature Flag.

Canary Releases— 3 Critical Questions You Need to Ask to Launch with Confidence

Even a single bug or misaligned feature can ruin months of hard work. Learn how canary releases has become a “must-do” for product managers.

Testing in Production: Yes, Every Product Manager Should Do It

Let’s face facts: Testing in production is now an essential element of product management. This article will explain why.

How Flagship Enriches the Lives of Tech Teams at AB Tasty

Learn how our tech teams 'drink our own champagne' when it comes to feature management and product optimization.

Code Freezes: Are They Still Relevant for Agile Product Managers?

In this piece, we’ll explore the three main arguments against incorporating code freezes into your Agile product management.

Feature Branching: The Product Manager’s Key to Faster Releases

One of the most powerful ways to accelerate feature development is through parallel development, using a dedicated feature branching strategy. 

What Makes a Great Product Lifecycle Manager

Effective product lifecycle management (PLM) is integral in almost every sector imaginable. So, let's cover the core responsibilities.

Enrich Tech Teams’ Software Delivery Processes With Feature Flags

Continuous delivery puts a lot of pressure on tech teams. Let's see how feature flagging & feature management streamline release processes.