Continuous Delivery

Mitigate risk while doing continuous delivery (CI/CD)

How to Release Fearlessly

Highly effective organizations have realized the importance of having the right approach to deployments. Let's see some examples.

The Pros and Cons of Blue-Green Deployments

Dive into the pros and cons of using blue-green deployment in your software release strategy.

Everything You Need to Know About Canary Deployments

Discover how, with canary deployments, you'll be able to deploy code in a way that minimizes errors and allows you to respond quickly when they do occur.

Testing in Production: What’s the Big Deal?

Find out why testing in production is more important than ever with a walk-through of hilarious memes.

Canary Releases— 3 Critical Questions You Need to Ask to Launch with Confidence

Even a single bug or misaligned feature can ruin months of hard work. Learn how canary releases has become a “must-do” for product managers.

How Continuous Development Turns Product Managers into Experimenters

With Continuous Development platforms, the focus shifts from subjective ideas to customer feedback and data.

Testing in Production: Yes, Every Product Manager Should Do It

Let’s face facts: Testing in production is now an essential element of product management. This article will explain why.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Progressive Rollout

Here are 7 simple steps that will help you overcome the biggest challenges in agile product development, and make rapid releases effortless!

How to Add Continuous Deployment to Agile Product Management

What is Continuous Deployment, and how can you add it to your Agile Product Management— without causing big problems for your stakeholders?

Feature Branching: The Product Manager’s Key to Faster Releases

One of the most powerful ways to accelerate feature development is through parallel development, using a dedicated feature branching strategy. 

Drive Digital Transformation With Client-Side and Server-Side Experience Optimization

Marketing and product teams can use a variety of tools to conduct and measure EXO experiments. But which tools are best for which use cases?

Enrich Tech Teams’ Software Delivery Processes With Feature Flags

Continuous delivery puts a lot of pressure on tech teams. Let's see how feature flagging & feature management streamline release processes.