Flagship vs Firebase 

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Available on all devices: web, mobile, IoT

Mainly used on
Android and iOS

Feature Flag management

Decouple deployment and release, turn on/off feature in one click.

Advanced targeting

Deploy features to specific user segments, based on any attributes.

Automatic rollback

Set KPI threshold to automatically turn off a flag/feature.

Progressive rollout

Time based deployment and gradual percentage rollout.

On app stores

Ready-to-use templates

Speed up your workflow with pre-configured feature management scenarios.


Run test in production, using A/B testing methodology to compare how features are performing.

Advanced data analysis

Make data-driven decisions, with the expertise of AB Tasty, the leading experiment platform.

Smart Decision API

Automatically deliver the best performing features with dynamic assignment based on performance.


Multiple environments, granular user access rights.

Onboarding and support

Dedicated onboarding and customer success manager.

Security and compliance

ISO-27001, GDPR compliant, EU/US hosting.

Packed full of features

Unlike Firebase, Flagship is not just a feature management solution for developers.
We're also a top-notch experiment platform that suits product and marketing needs.

Feature flag as a Service

Control all your feature flags in an easy to use web dashboard. Update flags with no need to change the code and re-deploy.

Feature management templates

Create reusable templates to speed up use cases implementation.

User segments & targeting

Roll out new features to only subsets of users, using any user attributes you have access to.

Experiment platform

Focus on outcomes, not outputs. Run A/B tests to track the business impact of feature releases.

Smart Decision API

Our API will take the decision for you, who should see what, based on our proprietary Multi-Armed Bandit algorithm.

Strong reports and data collect

Make informed decisions with best of breed reporting capabilities, including data filtering and export.

Agnostic API or SDKs

Choose whatever implementation method works best for you. From client to server-side, we've got you covered.

Support for web, mobile apps, IoT

Control your feature release on any environments: mobile native applications (iOS or Android), SPA, e-commerce websites, connected devices...

Experience continuity

Be consistent while experimenting on different devices and when visitors switch from anonymous to identified users.

Instant updates

Update your native mobile application without waiting hours or days for store validation.

Progressive rollout

Gradually release features while keeping a closed eye on metrics you care about. 

Automatic triggered rollback

Release risk-free by setting a rollback KPI to revert releases if this metric crosses
a certain threshold.

Kill switch

Wrap new or risky behavior with a flag. If something goes wrong or crash your app, shut it off quickly with a single click.

Premium local support

Benefit from bespoke onboarding and support from our Customer Success Managers and Technical Solution Engineers.

GDPR & CCPA compliant

As a European headquartered company, we’ve been aligning with Privacy standards since 2017.

ISO/IEC 27001 certified

We believe in trust and security. You can read more about our engagement here.
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Firebase user reviews from G2, Capterra, TrustRadius and others 
"For big products it could be really expensive, so you have to choose wisely"
Imre K
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
"Sometimes it is very unstable when there are a large number of requests sent"
Juan C
Business Analyst
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
"It is important to note that Firebase is not a 'complete' product - there are certain limitations which simply cannot be overcome for the sake of simplifying the overall user experience."
Geza K
(50 or fewer emp.)
"Clunkiness of the platform. Some analytics we found not to be 100 percent accurate"
Employee in Other
Media Production Company,
51-200 employees

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