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Enrich Tech Teams’ Software Delivery Processes With Feature Flags

Continuous delivery puts a lot of pressure on tech teams. Let's see how feature flagging & feature management streamline release processes.

How to Measure and Ensure New Feature Success

This article looks at the top KPIs to measure the impact of a new feature with tips to ensure its success.

What Makes a Great Product Lifecycle Manager

This article looks into the definition and importance of product lifecycle management (PLM) and discusses the skills required to succeed in this role.

Top 7 Myths About DevOps

This article seeks to put to rest the most common myths about DevOps to get the most value out of it in your organization.

Code Freezes: Are They Still Relevant in Agile Practices?

In this article, we’ll explore whether code freezes still have a place in Agile practices and discuss how feature flags could be used as an alternative.

Measure your DevOps Performance: DORA Metrics

This article discusses how DevOps teams can measure performance through DORA metrics and the importance and challenges of these metrics.

How AB Tasty Delivers High-Quality Risk-Free Releases with Flagship

Find out how AB Tasty was able to leverage Flagship to progressively deploy new changes while minimizing risk and maximizing quality.

Chaos Engineering 101: How Chaos Brings Order

This article discusses what chaos engineering is, its benefits and how to conduct chaos experiments to fix things in production.

Continuous Testing in DevOps

We explain the importance of continuous testing in DevOps and why it's essential to implement it throughout the software development lifecycle.

Best DevOps Tools: Our Top Picks

We list some of the best DevOps tools to help you effectively implement DevOps in your organization.

Building a Culture of DevOps

We discuss what is a DevOps culture and the steps to take to implement it in your own organization.

The Best of Both Worlds: How to Collaborate on Go-To-Market while Increasing Team Velocity

Find out how product teams can collaborate efficiently with feature and commercial and go-to-market teams to deliver high quality products fast.

How Feature Flags Support Your CI/CD Pipeline by Increasing Velocity and Decreasing Risk

Find out how feature flags can bring efficiency to your CI/CD pipeline by increasing speed of software delivery while decreasing risk.

How to Correctly Sunset a Feature

A guide outlining the steps that should be taken when it comes to sunsetting features

Outcome-Driven Roadmap: Paving the Way for Better Feature Experimentation

A guide to help product managers to construct an experiment- and outcome-driven roadmap for enhanced feature experimentation.

Migrating from Monolith to Microservices: How do Feature Flags Fit in?

A comparison between monolith and microservices architectures and how feature flags reduce the risk of migrating to microservices architecture.

Feature Experimentation Best Practices

We introduce some essential best practices for modern tech and product teams to get the most out of feature experimentation.

Alpha vs. Beta Testing: What are the Differences?

Alpha testing is performed by internal users to validate product quality while beta testing is done on external end-users to ensure customer satisfaction.

Flutter for Mobile App Development: Overview and Benefits

Overview of Flutter and why it's a good choice for faster app development and time to market.

What Are the Best Git Branching Strategies

An overview of Git branching strategies, their pros and cons and how to choose the right one for you.

Test Environments: Differences Between Dev, Staging, Preprod...

A look into test environments, their importance in the SDLC, types of testing and some best practices when it comes to managing these environments.

What is CI/CD? Continuous Integration and Delivery Explained

Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) encompass a set of practices that enable development teams to deliver code changes more frequently.

Best Resources on Feature Flags: Our Top Picks

Here are our picks of the best posts on feature flags.

Best Feature Management Tools

Here are our top picks of feature management tools for product and development teams.

Release Management with Jira Software

Find out how Jira software can help enhance your release management processes.

Top 6 Release Management Tools

Here are our top picks of release management tools for faster and safer releases.

Fun with Flags: Short vs Long-lived Feature Flags

A look at the longevity category of feature flags and the difference between short and long-lived flags.

Fun with Flags: Where to Store Feature Flags

A look at the different ways feature flags can be stored based on their attributes: environment variables, configuration files, database, cloud services.

Top 10 Feature Flags Projects on GitHub

We've listed the top 10 open-source projects for feature flags on GitHub. View the ranking.

How to Release Fearlessly

Highly effective organizations have realized the importance of having the right approach to deployments. Let's see some examples.

Fun with Flags: Access Control

Learn why access control is an important best practice when it comes to feature flags.

Fun with Flags: Naming Conventions

Find out why naming conventions are one of the essential best practices when it comes to implementing feature flags.

What is Blue-Green Deployment

Dive into the pros and cons of using blue-green deployment in your software release strategy.

Canary Deployment and Canary Testing Explained

Discover how, with canary deployments, you'll be able to deploy code in a way that minimizes errors and allows you to respond quickly when they do occur.

Test in Production: Our Favorite Memes

Find out why testing in production is more important than ever with a walk-through of hilarious memes.

How to Implement Feature Flags in Java

Let's see how to implement the feature flag pattern in Java using the Java SDK.

The Many Uses of Feature Flags to Control Your Releases

Learn about all the many different use cases for feature flags and find out when and why you can use them at your organization today.

How to Implement Feature Flags in a React JS App

Let's have a look at three different methods used to implement feature flags in React apps: DYI, open source libraries and cloud based services.

Feature Flags: Should I Build or Buy?

Discover the journey to feature flag implementation across different use-cases and whether you should build or buy a feature flagging management system.

Prevent and Manage Technical Debt Using Feature Flags

Get tips to prevent technical debt when using feature flags for software deployment.

ISO 27001 certification cements our commitment to the highest standards of security

Flagship has successfully completed ISO 27001 certification.

Feature Toggles: Types & Best Practices

Best practices around Feature Toggles and how to implement them properly to support continuous delivery.

Why You Should Slot Feature Flags into Your Agile Roadmap

One “beacon” that will keep your Agile product roadmap grounded, and your products moving in the right direction, is a simple function — the Feature Flag.

What Does Feature Rollback Mean and How To Do It

How product managers can use feature rollback to better test new features in a real-world environment and with minimal risk.

How Continuous Development Turns Product Managers into Experimenters

With Continuous Development platforms, the focus shifts from subjective ideas to customer feedback and data.

Why You Should be Testing in Production

Testing in production is now an essential element of release software management. This article will explain why.

How Flagship Enriches the Lives of Tech Teams at AB Tasty

Learn how our tech teams 'drink our own champagne' when it comes to feature management and product optimization.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Progressive Rollout

Here are 7 simple steps that will help you overcome the biggest challenges in agile product development, and make rapid releases effortless!

How to Add Continuous Deployment to Agile Product Management

What is Continuous Deployment, and how can you add it to your Agile Product Management— without causing big problems for your stakeholders?

Product Manager vs Product Owner: What’s the Difference?

So, you want to work in product? Understand what unites and separates PMs from POs, when to choose which and how to get started becoming one.

Feature Branching: The Product Manager’s Key to Faster Releases

One of the most powerful ways to accelerate feature development is through parallel development, using a dedicated feature branching strategy. 

Drive Digital Transformation With Client-Side and Server-Side Optimization

Marketing and product teams can use a variety of tools to conduct and measure EXO experiments. But which tools are best for which use cases?

We’re Bringing Customer Experience Optimization to Product Teams

Customer Experience Optimization (CXO) is about creating the optimal experience for every user, every time.

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